Welcome to our history!

The history of Konstantopoulos family and InterOliva.

About us

InterOliva was founded in 1956 by the Konstantopoulos family and is a family business that continues the tradition of olive production and manufacturing. Since our company has been in business for many years, we have the advantage of personally and responsibly controlling all phases of production, including the purchase, processing, packaging and sale of the olives. We try to preserve the traditional character of the product and strive every day to meet the needs of our customers.

Our private owned plant with an area of about 15,000 square metres and a new building, just a few kilometres from the city of Katerini.The main production and activity includes the processing and sale of table olives in all types and varieties, packed in a wide range of different packages for the needs of the wholesale and retail market.

Being mainly an export company (90% of the turnover), we continue to strive to keep the quality standards at a high level by also following the HACCP plan within the framework of our accredited ELOT EN ISO 22000 certification.

Our Roots

Once upon a time there was a man named Andreas Konstantopoulos, known as the “Founder”, who dedicated his life to his family and his love for the land. Of Greek origin (Kalamata) and settled in Katerini, a small town near the big city of Thessaloniki, where he produced tasty traditional olives.

His vision was to make the products of the Greek country known on the world market in a different, more sophisticated packaging. At the same time, his personal desire was to provide work for the local community and also for himself, who came from a low economic and social class. And then the second generation entered the family business.

His youngest sons, Prokopis and Miltos, have skilfully bridged the gap between the wisdom of tradition and modern technological advances, allowing the company to grow.
Since then, our greatest desire has been to pass on the great knowledge of olives and the delicacies of the land of Andreas to all those who seek uncompromising quality. For those who love good food and care for their well-being.

From this ambition, from the deep respect for these roots and the desire to see them grow and become something greater, InterOliva was born.

Our Values

Inheritance from generation to generation

It is the ambition and deep respect for our roots, our heritage and the desire to see them grow

We consider quality to be extremely important, so we are committed to providing you with excellent quality products.

We firmly believe that a good and long-term cooperation starts and grows with transparency, honesty and mutual trust

Brand Name

From the beginning, InterOliva’s goal was to create a strong brand name and break with the fixed idea that Greek olives are transported anonymously to foreign markets. Today, the InterOliva brand is synonymous with first-class quality, where no compromises are made.

And with the brand came the know-how. Today, the company is widely known for its olives and olive paste.