Interoliva S.A. is a family business company which established in 1990 and continues the tradition in olive’s production and manufacturing, since 1956.

Our private owned plant of about 15.000 square meters with a new building construction, is located at the 3rd klm of the National Road Katerini-Larisa just a few kilometers away from the town of Katerini.


The main production and occupation, includes the processing and sale of table olives in all types and varieties packed in a wide range of various packages for the needs of the wholesale and the retail market.

As we are mainly an export company (90% of the turnover), we continue our efforts to keep the quality standards in high level, following also the HACCP plan under the ELOT EN ISO 22000 certification we accredited.


Being in business many years now, our company keeps the advantage to control personally and responsibly all the productive stages, including the purchase, the processing, the packing and the selling of the olives.


We try to maintain the traditional character of the product and keep our efforts everyday to satisfy our customer’s needs.